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White Girl Wednesdays With Gisele Popping… Bottles


Gisele has got t o be the perfect white girl, long blond hair, big tits, some a*s, and she knows how to work it just enough…

Plus she knows what kind of music to move too…

5 Responses to “White Girl Wednesdays With Gisele Popping… Bottles”

  1. rizzo Says:


  2. time Says:

    that girl is wifey. Beautiful!!!! i love this site. im sold

  3. White Guy Says:

    Time you idiot, any site can link videos, you don’t seriously think this site has the intellectual property for the video.

  4. ACEmat Says:

    Hey White, so what? You have to pay for this on her actual site.

  5. nilton pablo Says:

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