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Belly – Man Listen

October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017

The Next 48 Hours With Rick Ross [Part 1 Of 3]


Part I of  “The Next 48 Hours” With Rick Ross aka William Leonard Roberts aka Rozay. Shows behind the scenes footage of the day before the release of Teflon Don.

6 Responses to “The Next 48 Hours With Rick Ross [Part 1 Of 3]”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    officer rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


    they think he big leach suck more den hoover(vaccum) dis fool aint the streets he’s a’ fucking looser ggggggggg-unit money make the world go round not love fif get em & dis time ja-rule his career 1

  3. FarRockawayBULLY Says:

    i swear, this n***a gotta be apart of some government/secret society’s agenda. this n***a has a law enforcement background and he’s a fraud because he lied about it. im suprised he still has any credibility. kinda reminds me of obama, he’s a fraud. his real name is barry soetoro, he was cia, and hes not a legal us citizen(he cant legally be president). google & youtube this s**t, the facts are there. smfh

  4. malone 390 Says:

    you see the handshake with stallone? not a regular one!! learn about them ish because they already know us!!!
    like pac said killuminatis

  5. NInjaNoise Says:

    He is just a fat b*****d that people are stupid and accept his fakeness. there is no conspiracy with a fat guy who fakes it make it. then invest his money back into drugs…spend the money to run a whole neighborhood…like maybe umm OverTown and make triple. and soon that neighborhood will be out of business and so on so on. no body respects him.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    he suck…………………………..wht hood stop it u ant real u got 1song on tha album that hhot n thats BMF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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