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October 21, 2017


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October 20, 2017


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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017


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October 18, 2017

Paul Mooney On “Reel Black TV aka Real Wesley Snipes TV” Going Off On White People

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Paul Mooney speaking the truth and giving some background on himself

11 Responses to “Paul Mooney On “Reel Black TV aka Real Wesley Snipes TV” Going Off On White People”

  1. choii Says:

    he is not speaking the truth!!this racist motherfucker is full of s**t!!

  2. Says:

    deres some truth behind some of the s**t hes sayin, but what u wanna do chat s**t about the past n dwelll on s**t or move forward, watchin people like dis jus gives white people a reasone to be racist, everyones fuckin racist u cant put it all on white people

  3. yunny Says:

    @ a star he has his opinion caused he lived through it . It is easy for you to tell him to move forward cause you did not witness the racism he faced in the 60s

  4. pimpin tax Says:

    if ya hair is relax they relax if its nappy thay aint happy real talk right there
    everybody is a racist but who is really but it in action

  5. VI Guest Says:

    LOL…There’s 52 cards in a deck…not if you playing Uno, then theres 108!

  6. millie Says:

    It’s too bad….the very thing he is talking about…you don’t see because you have been brainwashed. t’s not about the past it’s about the ongoing effects of racism in every World institution. Criminal Justice system, education,….etc. My brothers and sisters it’s not too late to wake up….because if you don’t understand what this man is saying…then you are truley lost….

  7. Anonymous Says:

    stop lying Paul Mooney you god damn racist… stop setting your people back stupid.

  8. f it Says:

    people must understand you cant fix the future without understanding and studying the past. instead of hating what he says do some research. jus look u and i leave the scene of an accident we go to jail ! lindsay lo hoe crashes and leaves a a gram of coke 14 days n jail 2 dui s latta. WHITE IS ALWAYS RIGHT.LOL not a RACIST JUS A REALIST

  9. tx suicide Says:

    not everybody is a racist,, black people are hating on white people, cuz of the slavery, injustice, being looked down on etc,, but the white people hate the black for no reason,, naa am wrong,, cuz the blacks are better than them, in everything,, cuz i dont see any reason to hate the blacks, if the white ppl gat all the money in the whole.. i believe the white are coward,, and that is why they hid behind the law to cover and protect their evils.. and that is racism.. blacks are not racist , and has never been,, is just anger

  10. bgsw Says:

    Mooney is a terrible comedian because for his whole standup he just plays the race card the whole time, he wishes that somebody would stand up for what is right then he could just say “see what im talking about , (then something about white people.)

    of course there are still racists but it is not like every white person is and it is not like every race doesn’t have their racists, and the things with the dolls and the kids is exactly what i would choose too, black will choose black as nice one, brown will choose brown and so on. because you know yourself and other races may be something you are not used to.

    if you are 60 or 70 then ok you know what real racism was because 25% of the country was racist but now only a few today are and they probably are because it was how they were raised and if you are raised a certain way then you have barely any choice.

  11. yeyosNuRose Says:

    Wow this is ol as i dont know what…..I LOVE MOONEY HE IS TO REAL! and how yall fools know he lying his been all up and down hollyweird(or what eve) CHECK DUDE RESUME! you whites are so sensitive, when dave c talk about the same stuff is he a racist? NOT

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