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Security Guard Chokes Out A Deaf Guy For Shoplifting


Security Guard at a Forever 21 store choking a deaf man while his deaf brother pleads with him to stop.

6 Responses to “Security Guard Chokes Out A Deaf Guy For Shoplifting”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. SLIME Says:

    That security gaurd a faggot! Them niggas take their job too damn serious. That n***a act like he stole something from him. I ain’t gone front tho, when that deaf n***a starting tapping out I was laughing hard as a b***h. I’m high as a mahfucka slime.

  3. Dutch Says:

    Strange video. How you gonna be a deaf thief? Just cause you can’t speak doesn’t mean everyone else is blind and doesn’t see you stealing s**t. That security guard needed to chill though.

  4. NInjaNoise Says:

    2010. is the year of the chokehold! people need to start respecting! or get chokeD. choke the n***a next to you, show some respect! People work hard, people have it tough but you must respect when you go out in public. Choke a n***a.

  5. Gizmo Says:

    An LP (Security) tried restraining two women in a Banana R. in NYC(one was pregnant) & he had chick all over the floor. A few days later her boys came back & cracked his skull with a club from the car. Your not supose to restrain someone 2 that extent. Hi Rashaun, bet u wont do that again.

  6. migs aka supremebeing Says:

    how nobody lumped that security guard up…yokin suckas is not poppin’

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