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Tony Yayo’s Got $1,000,000 On 50 Cent To Destroy Fat Joe


Tony Yayo has got a milli on 50 Cent destroying Fat Joe

3 Responses to “Tony Yayo’s Got $1,000,000 On 50 Cent To Destroy Fat Joe”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    ride wit ya mans nohomo niggas gettin qwap dont bite tha hand that feed you thats would be just studpid…. INDIANA B***H……….

  2. pimpin tax Says:

    taeh i whould like 2 see that joe vs 50 would bring up a lot of money
    cuz da hole world whould watch that fight
    MMA rules yeah thats great to see
    fat joe whould get knocked da f**k out 4 sure hahahah

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yayo wish he had that much money.

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