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Jersey Shore Game – Knock Out Obama


A Jersey Shore Boardwalk game is receiving a lot of negative press for the character of Obama present in their game where the goal is to hit the model with with a baseball.

On a sidenote, this kid is super weak, no aim whatsoever.

2 Responses to “Jersey Shore Game – Knock Out Obama”

  1. Ace Says:

    F*****k u haters he anit doing nothing them other 43 presidents didnt do u mad go suck u mother and swallow u daddy dry

  2. MARZ Says:

    dam yall might as well call PREZ OB a N*GG*R dam. it shows how racist people r dam bush may not b presidents anymoreevdon PLAYING PRESIDENT, an it seem like everybody stop taken shot an moved everything bush did that was f*Cked up an the list it would last a year b4 u get done reading. but everything bushed did an messed it wit PREZ OB, if u dont like him ok but remember bush started all americans problems

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