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“2012 – It Aint The End” Jay Sean (ft. Nicki Minaj)


Two of Young Money‘s finest Jay Sean & Nicki Minaj in their video for 2012 It Aint The End

2 Responses to ““2012 – It Aint The End” Jay Sean (ft. Nicki Minaj)”

  1. Ron Mack Says:

    Pop music is gay as RuPaul…….. & Nicki Manaj gives me a head ache sounding like woody wood pecker on LSD!!!!!!

  2. Cold Mu phuka Says:

    see what they dumb a*s say when 12/21/2012 gits here…Nibiru get in out orbit/ the ring of fire explodes/the deluge of our time kills millions/the methane bubble at the bottom of the ocean explodes/the aliens get here/when the solar storm burns the satellites out the sky/when plague infects many/when WWIII breaks out…putting this weak s**t out they should be ashamed

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