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“2 Hands” Brian Pumper


B. Pumper has got the formula, tits and a*s… what else do you need?

11 Responses to ““2 Hands” Brian Pumper”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. bumper Says:

    lol clown dis n***a get more p***y then you get your hands!

  3. swag Says:

    dis n***a get more p***y then you would ever get in your life!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    niggas like swag make clown niggas think they cool just because you get p***y dont mean niggas respect you

  5. da kang Says:

    dude is funny a*s hell in his rap. a hardcore porno rapper. he really thinks he a hardcore rapper. go lick sum b***h asshole n***a.

  6. 187 'em Killa Says:

    this n***a is better than most rappers out there nowadays anyway lmao.

    B. Pumper is better than:

    soulja boi
    rick ross
    kanye west (that fuckin fagg lol)
    n most importantly Ja Rule!!

  7. juswannaKILLu Says:

    i like dat s**t !!!!!!!! PUMPER get’n better and better. GO F**K URSELF HATERS!!!! @ least this lil n***a iz try’n while yall FUC’NIGG@S B LIE’n.

  8. NoVa Says:

    LMAO Dis Nigg@ made A LIST!! funny S**t!

  9. DMAc Says:

    My Dude this n***a is better than rick ross kanye n drake ur a fucin bum a*s n***a that dont kno anythin about fucin music. This n***a is trash hes straight but he aint even better than soulja boy. SMFHHH sum dum niggas these days

  10. Mial Says:

    Drake would kill dis man…come on now…he worse den a*s dis n***a is asshole…i guess u are wat u eat

  11. da truth Says:

    did this stupid a*s n***a say this porno thug is betta then shyne mufucker go kill yerself ignant a*s b***h. shyne a real thug, if brian pumper went to jail for 10 yrs like shyne, he’d come out wit asshole as wide as da lincoln tunnel his new name would be brianna pumper fuk u square a*s n***a

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