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“Free Lil Wayne” Lil B


Lil B repping for Young Money Cash Money and releasing the track for Free Lil Wayne

4 Responses to ““Free Lil Wayne” Lil B”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    did he jus say he was a real b***h at da end of dat, wow sombdy giv dis guy some tips on how to rap w/o killin yo self

  2. Anonymous Says:

    f**k this lil niggaz!

  3. woenow Says:

    U look dum a*s f**k bruh u tryin to sound like BG thats a real n***a u fake a*s b***h

  4. GameFrmBay Says:

    Lil b***h cant rap bout beingn hard or gangsta no mo
    he got knocked out cold in his own city
    fuk outta here
    bay dnt fuk wif u

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