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I Need My Nuggets! Women Goes Nuts For McNuggets


I don’t know, I might beat someone like this for trying to make me eat McNuggets, but definitely not for not giving me them…

5 Responses to “I Need My Nuggets! Women Goes Nuts For McNuggets”

  1. Dutch Says:

    LMAO! And they just kept on serving even with the broken window.

  2. C.J. Says:

    damn and the people behind em still waited for they order lol

  3. Tiki Says:

    That was stupid crazy! It wasn’t about the nuggets! She was high or something or had a big fight with her man and she was upset and had to take her anger out on someone! That was CRAZY! And that next car, that person said “I’m not leavin I want my food, I’m hungry!” They sure pulled up like nothing just happened, got his food and pulled off! Crazy!

  4. DMX-------ryan Says:

    well the people behind got theyer nuggets

  5. RoW Says:

    they put the black b***h in to work the window and you know she was giving attitude..they always do

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