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Tekashi69 – Gummo

October 21, 2017


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October 20, 2017


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October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017


Fresh Ft. Nyce Da Future – Light It Up

October 18, 2017

Pornstar Beef: Nat Turner Puts B.Pumper On Blast Talks Talking About “Pumper’s Plastics” Jewelry Line


Alot of people are hating on Pumper right now, and now its even his friends. Pumper seems to keep his cool though even shouting out Fifty

16 Responses to “Pornstar Beef: Nat Turner Puts B.Pumper On Blast Talks Talking About “Pumper’s Plastics” Jewelry Line”

  1. rudeboi Says:

    i would smashed on them niggaz posed be my friends tryna stunt on me like that..even if it was fake f**k dat dont put me on blast you posed be my homie

  2. juswannaKILLu Says:

    yea pumper should of went postal on dem munnnkey lookin niggas. without porn them bastards wouldnt get no p***y. death 2 any1 who hate on another man.

  3. Dutch Says:

    He should’ve smacked the shyt outta one of those niggas then kicked them all out.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    …….subliminnal messages……….(they dont give a f**k what ya’ll think they dont even know the ppl who bloggn this s**t! u think ur whack as blogs is going to AFFECT they lifestyle? HA! thats the point they just doin this s**t for fun they living they reality different!)

  5. juswannaKILLu Says:

    jus like no1 give a f**k wut u thank . u checkin wut motherfuckers is bloggin so shut the f**k up n***a

  6. juswannaKILLu Says:

    yea anonymous F**K U, F**K UR subliminnal messages, and F**K THOSE BAMA LOOKIN A*S MONKEYS WHO WAS FUCKIN WIT DAT lil n***a Pumper. Pumper stand up 4 yo self!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    He know these dudes since elementary school and nun of em done came up (pauze) like Brian. P…..Now they all hang around beeing extra friendly makin elementary school jokes…..Brian might hang with Will Smith and who the heck else…but these are the people he grew up with

  8. juswannaKILLu Says:

    yo in the video he said lame nikkas been fuckin wit him SINCE lil nikka skool
    . he ain’t say he know THESE moneys since lil nikka skool . usually dark skin nikkas dont like light skin nikkas. but F**K EM . make an example out of 1 of em the rest will respect . shot da sheppard and watch da sheep scatter

  9. REAL S**T Says:


  10. MP Says:

    Pumper should have whooped these lame niggas a*s!!! Forreal!!! It’s always some broke niggas hatin’!!! Those dudes will never get any real doe. I would have been clownin’ on these fools. That snaggle tooth dude shouldn’t be talking about nobody!!!!!

  11. Mishelle Says:

    lmao @ MP


  12. Matt Says:

    Those faggot a*s dudes hatin on B pumper, that dude isthe man he fucked cherokee d a*s and maaad other hot bitches. Plus big bitches, and he’s paid !Man, B get away from those hatin faggots!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    he didnt do s**t becuase 9 time out of ten they a sued they lame so what if his shits fake some of ya favorite rappers wear fake and borrow jewlery

  14. Anonymous Says:

    looks like they just clownin to me.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    S**t it look like pumper feelins hurt n s**t lol

  16. afroporn-lover Says:

    These guys are all good at their s**t. In comparison I give it to Nat Turner. Someone watched chocolate hood p***y. Nat Turber showed his worth and outsmarted Pumper in the scene i “Cholocate Hood P***y”. He fucked Ariel Alexus nuts. Pumper had no impact on her.

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