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Big Boi – Get Wit It ft. Snoop Dogg

July 18, 2017


Danny Brown – Lost

July 18, 2017

“Wonton Soup” Lil B


Lil B is always original and here’s another song of his called Wonton Soup

13 Responses to ““Wonton Soup” Lil B”

  1. basednobleman@boxden Says:

    thank you based god

  2. @TheRealDAY Says:

    You know what the n***a is VERY creative. . lyrics is not all that, FAR from it. . fashion just a duplicate but he is GREAT entertainment. .

  3. Says:

    Based God lets do a track on some 100 s**t, D-town/Cali collabo get at me….ONE

  4. deyreal4 Says:

    man is this n***a 4 real cause he sorrier than the cavs wit no lebron

  5. Anonymous Says:

    yall heard dat wonton soup by lil b dats my S#@t

  6. B.o.B Says:

    Twitter is gone crazy know all this free stuf

  7. Based Legend Says:

    deyreal4 Your gay.

  8. Chopp Says:
    Follow mr @Chopp_amante

  9. kid kid Says:

    thissong sucks major a*s wonton soup WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. BasedGoddess Says:

    Brandon McCartney , I love you.. ! Lol <3

  11. brabbit Says:

    yo yo yo im mailik and this is my fav cuz

  12. t.g flash Says:

    dis s**t iight its not ma type of s**t cuz im from da roc ya herd

  13. tgunnz Says:

    free tommie

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