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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017


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October 18, 2017

Bold or Blasphemous? “Power” Kanye West


Kanye West in his video for Power, so what do you think? Just a video or is it blasphemous? You decide

10 Responses to “Bold or Blasphemous? “Power” Kanye West”

  1. Dutch Says:

    That looked crazy son!

  2. IRE JAMZ Says:

    he no what he doin and so does his people and im not talking bout us black people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. rudeboi Says:

    I dont understand it..makes no sense to me..glad bc from what you asking (bold or blasphemy) i want nothing to do with it..JESUS RULES AND I LOVE HIM..

  4. wavy dre Says:

    the secret is black people are the gods

  5. tanseysosweet Says:

    somethings not right about this….i caught myself looking away

  6. Anonymous Says:

    that s**t was hot….real talk…..f**k all that illu,inati s**t they try an tarnish succesfull black people with

  7. rudeboi Says:

    i was up this morning and amtv was on and i noticed there is an upside down crucifix or cross above him like it floating from the clouds..there is nothing tight about that video..this bs kanye into..AND GOD DOES AND SHOULD HAVE ALL THE POWER THAT HE HAS. i guess west trying to speak down on GOD ALMIGHTY but THE LORD MY GOD IS SO STRONG the evil cant speak down on him for long not even 130

  8. brklyn Says:

    This n****a is talanted but also out of his f*****g mind!!!

  9. A.M. Says:

    He is trying to exhalt himself as god(Isaiah 14:13) just like most hip hoppers do. It’s part of their religion and many of us are following along, making excuses and being (mis)lead to the exact same place where Kanye is headed if he don’t repent. Anyway, there is good news Jesus loves you and wants you to turn your lives to him, confess your sins and that you are a sinner who needs salvation(Romans 10:9). After you say that prayer the angels in heaven will celebrate, but Satan, being the devil that he is will not be very happy, he will come at you with even more temptations and stuff to get you back, so you will need the support of a truth teaching church that teaches their congregation righteousness, holiness and repentance not some Joel Osteen self-help speech.

  10. Kid Krush Says:

    rudeboi… that is not an upside down crucifix at all…

    That is the sword of Damocles and it makes perfect sense to be in this video. Sword of Damocles is an old Greek legend told by Cicero where a common man switched places with a king, and when he looked up he saw a sword floating above his head being held up by one tiny string and it frightened him… It basically says that where there’s great power there’s great danger and responibility… which is pretty much what the hook is saying… Not a cross at all… People are reachin like Stretch Armstrong on this video lol

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