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“Catfish” (Movie Trailer) [Documentary Of A Facebook Couple… Crazy Twist At End]


It all seems fun and happy, but I was honestly creeped out at then end.

Probably one of the best trailers ever.

What do you think happens? At first I was thinking a fat guy, but now I have no idea.

5 Responses to ““Catfish” (Movie Trailer) [Documentary Of A Facebook Couple… Crazy Twist At End]”

  1. Harpo Says:

    Shes a middle aged woman who has psychological problems and takes care of her two disabled sons and made up an alter ego because of her problems and her situation

  2. Sally Ann Says:

    Way to ruin the movie for people Harpo! You could have at least written *SPOILER*. uggggghhhh…. WATCH THIS MOVIE PEOPLE!

  3. jazz Says:

    Thanks to this review, i cannot wait to see Catfish movie, the sundance hit documentary!

  4. m0r9h3u5 Says:

    THANK YOU HARPO!!!! I really couldn’t care to see it. I would rather film me Black Widow killing a cricket OVER and OVER, and not see ANOTHER overhyped Blair Witch/Cloverpark excuse of a movie that belongs on the USA channel and not on f—ing theaters….

  5. shizzle Says:

    good call harpo

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