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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017

Gone Too Far? Rick Ross Taking Some Shots At Michael Jordan Over His Comments On Lebron


Really? Really!? Does this guy know who he’s talking about?

I don’t know I think he’s gone too far with this one…

If you want to see the comments he’s talking about they’re a href=””>here.

This guy also said at the beginning of the interview “Michael Jordan is a personal friend of mine” I think he meant to say Lebron, but you know how it is with Ross, he’s always misusing the names of the greatest.

12 Responses to “Gone Too Far? Rick Ross Taking Some Shots At Michael Jordan Over His Comments On Lebron”

  1. greg Says:

    he a b***h

  2. astartherealest Says:

    f**k this fuckin c.o the guy who puts a bullet in c.o in old billy boy is gonnnna b loved

  3. NInjaNoise Says:

    He is not a friend of Michael Jordan! this man is a fat liar, I’ll rock a pair of jumpmans…this fat b*****d couldn’t do nothing with a pair of them, he can’t even jump…how dare he talk about athletes. FAT B*****D!

  4. Sonny Says:

    What the hell is this n***a talking about!? No one let Jordan do anything cause he took whatever he wanted with the type of skill this fat n***a couldn’t even imagine. His fat pigs feet could never fit into a pair of jumpman’s anyway. This n***a is a straight sucka and his album is gettin’ some burn now he’s feeling himself. I guess it’s kinda like you letting 50 take your baby’s momma out to buy a fur coat. This n***a Diddy must have licked the cheese from under this n***a’s nuts earlier cause he’s just talking crazy.

  5. E Says:

    Shut the f**k up William Roberts aka (Officer Billy Bob)! No more Rick Ross, that man wants his identity back!

  6. Joe Says:

    Lmfao at the song..

    “young rich muthafucka uneducated but damn a n***a made it” ?..

    Didn’t this n***a go to college?.. didn’t he get a degree in something?.. wasn’t he a fucking C.O.?..

    Officer Billy Bob a*s n***a

  7. ayo Says:

    but rick is not lying though

  8. poko13 Says:

    you fukin fat piece of s**t i hope the real freeway ricky ross eats yur fat a*s up

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Like Rick Ross as an artist. His lyrical game has stepped up and justice league and olympics beats match his style. But what the hell is he talking about. Jordan the greatest ever bar none. I’m old school, Jordan is correct. Win a championship on your own not manufacture one with an all-star team. They will be no validity if if if they win it this year.

  10. Sek C Says:

    Now Cleveland and Chicago hates someone else, more deservingly atleast.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    this n***a may be a cop but ” f ” jordan old he only cool with person barkley u dont see pipen or anybody from bulls free agent mean free to go where you like if you get a better job then the one you have with hot weather, bad chicks ,mad money and you can chill with your homies. come on yo

  12. legend Says:

    Jordan and LBJ have played in the same league but in 2 diff eras. The NBA isnt the same as it was 15yrs ago. I can see Jordans point and LBJs also but what im wondering is do u think if LBJ stayed and had a team built around him would u be in the same boat as MJ? Nah not likely Jordan was a revolution LBJ is a product of it. I would have done the same as LBJ in this era of the NBA but not so in Jordans era. SIMPLE….the game has changed. As 4 Ross keep ya mouth shut about sports u quit every sport you played.

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