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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017

For Better or Worse? Blind Couple Loses New Born Baby to Foster Care

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A blind couple that had just recently had a baby were stripped of the baby by hospital workers and foster care, when they claimed that the mother couldn’t properly breast feed the baby and was actually smothering her with her breast.

2 Responses to “For Better or Worse? Blind Couple Loses New Born Baby to Foster Care”

  1. tnfl Says:

    Then you teach them just like you teach anyone who doen’t know anything…all these other fools having baby after baby, leaving them in cars, abusing them. And the Child Welfare picks on them. This wouldn’t even make the news if they weren’t blind.

  2. sela Says:

    What right do they have to take their baby from them? All they need is someone to teach this couple how to properly care for the child in terms of safety and making sure their home is made ready so they dont injure the child or that as the child grows and begins activity, they know where it is at all times. This a difficult situation and will become more diffficult as the child grows up which in time could make it impossible for them to raise the child without a lot of help from family and friends. However, Social Services is the last group of peoople who should have control of this child with all the horrible things they have allowed to children.

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