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Idiot Fox News Anchor Calling Brian Urlacher a Neo-Nazi


Everyone its called projection and what that means is when you attribute your own traits and feelings to another.

Thanks Fox News for always keeping us amused

3 Responses to “Idiot Fox News Anchor Calling Brian Urlacher a Neo-Nazi”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hhahahahahahaha space alien, dude got dank in that pipe.

  2. Dutch Says:

    I can’t believe that had a segment called the blackest white folks. But then again, it’s Fox news channel so what can you expect!?

  3. Cpimpn Says:

    FCK FOX NEWS..GLEN BECK HANNITY LIMBAUGH..ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE ARRESTED..I dont have enough fingers to count how many times I personally caught them lying…they LIE and twist the truth on Obama, Democrats, and Black People. You wanna knbow your enemies..Tune in to Fox. Only good people is Anderson Cooper. Somebody need to bring death to these btches. real taLK

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