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FAIL: Guy Trys to Show Off & Gets TKO’d by Girl

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Guys if you’ve got glass jaw, then don’t put it out there for your little lady to slap…

Cause you don’t look tough when you’re out cold on the ground and that same girl is laughing at you now

4 Responses to “FAIL: Guy Trys to Show Off & Gets TKO’d by Girl”

  1. T Walker Says:

    Chris Tucker voice: “YOU GOT KNOCKED THA F**K OUT!!!” lmao…

  2. C.J. Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha h ah aahhahahhahahahaha

  3. dmike Says:

    is he still alive or has he commited suicede yet i mean cause she went hard on him that didn’t even look like a hard hit and she aint hit and run neither she just stood there after the one hitter quitter lol damn where is chris tucker when you need him he should have a knockout light signal like batman for s**t like this lmfao.

  4. Blackanese Says:

    ah ha h ah ha! That there is why you can’t just run up on any b***h..

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