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Rajon Rondo’s 1 on 1 Basketball Competition at THE ROCK

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Rajon Rondo took the Boston Celtics from having The Big 3 to having The Big 4 last year with his aggression, hunger, and talent.

Now its your turn to see if you can stand up to Rondo

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One Response to “Rajon Rondo’s 1 on 1 Basketball Competition at THE ROCK”

  1. tee Says:

    Rajon Rondo was wonderful this past season. His basketball IQ is outstanding
    He sees the court from all angles. His speed alone is rare and full of talent.
    He just got started he will be known as one of the great ones before his time.
    I pray for him everytime he is on that court because the other players that play aganist
    him are very jealous of what he might do to make their mouths drop.
    Go Rajon I got your back.


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