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G-Unit in Brazil Hitting the Race Track


G-Unit puts in a lot of work on their international & world tours, but every once in a while its time to just have fun, so Tony Yayo, Whoo Kid, Governor, & Lloyd Banks hit up the race track.

Who’ve you got your money on?

18 Responses to “G-Unit in Brazil Hitting the Race Track”

  1. j Says:

    shud do a dvd wid all dis s**t on ide watch it all dayyy – GgGgGgGg

  2. DjBlackTop Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Y.M.F Says:
  5. hh Says:

    youll niggas need a show

  6. Says:

    Mia has a FATTY:P

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Ds n***a boo boo lol yal knw who m tlkng abt,d general hmself mr b4 i self destruct mr g unit soldeir,hala 2 ur big moves n***a nd wth wll d mmbrs of d unit dts hw it it is u gt an impact on ds s**t feleba sk dwn in South Africa

  8. Anonymous Says:

    N***a it’s Boo-Boo.TV!

  9. Timotej Brodar Says:

    Man yall niggas is so funny man i love watching all your videos shoutout to the whole unit and keep doing your thing GG-G G-UNIIIIT

  10. Patrick Says:

    lmao “Dat n***a Whoo Kid is special ed man”

  11. d. Says:

    g-chu chu g chu g chu!!!g unniittttt||

  12. *KKJ* Says:


  13. Anonymous Says:

    whats that beat from the biggining

  14. Dede Says:

    that how u do it up

  15. YC Says:

    haha Why not Bank$ why

  16. Voshi Says:


  17. 50 cent fan nro 1 Says:

    Where is 50???

  18. Anonymous Says:

    G-unit u byz are dope. This is loyd 4rm south africa

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