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Turk @HotBoyTurk32 – Blood

May 25, 2017


Cassius – Million Dollar Walk

May 25, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Get on the Set with Jenn Yummy


Get backstage with @JennYummy and start dreaming about just how Jenn would taste

Photographer: C.C. Wiley @CEWileyStudios

If you models out there want to be on BooBooTV edition of The Candy Shop just tweet us @BooBooTV or @50sMostWanted

40 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Get on the Set with Jenn Yummy”

  1. rgrgfdw Says:

    dammn this big black b***h is hot

  2. mainshots Says:

    emmm very sexy lady; great pix.. only turnoff is the hole in her spaghetti tights.. (right booty just inches away from the goodies)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    she can sux my dicc

  4. south side Says:

    sexy sexy

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hold me dowwwwn!

  6. King Perra Says:

    vad är BooBooTV för jävla namn.. låter jävligt kackigt

  7. send me Says:

    this b***h is wack wheres the rest of her height? she’s the tallest midget in the world

  8. TWAN Says:


  9. KIM Says:

    cant hate she has a cute shape good for her.

  10. typo Says:

    Where has she been?

  11. CaLi BoP Says:

    wooooooow that b***h is thick! Is she the same chik from good pick 50!

  12. pc Says:


  13. mac mayne Says:

    dat b***h is fine

  14. THE MAJORS Says:

    thats a banga {she got a*s thighs & a cute face}

  15. drama Says:

    Beautiful mami

  16. ///S*x///spA/// Says:

    Wanna wear that p***y out///make it do tricks///feed it treats////

  17. Anonymous Says:

    she looks like a big booty superhero. Ride my face?

  18. Mrs. Right Says:

    cute boots

  19. ricco»» Says:

    Sexy sexy

  20. The VX Says:

    Get em Yummy. It’s about time this chick popped. She’s from Houston which is where I live and she’s always been on her s**t. I hope she shuts the game down especially for these hoes with the silicone parts. Yum Yum I’m routin fo ya mama.

  21. The VX Says:

    Oh yeah and fo those who were wondering dat a*s is real

  22. ms mistress Says:

    I really don’t like all these video ho’s but I see she has a lot of vid views [which is what made me check this s**t out]i applaud her because she’s not doing half the s**t these other attention craving bitches are doing. Hopefully she’ll stay smart and keep it that way but who knows it’s probably only a matter of time. What ever happened to getting a respectable job though?

  23. Da.Real.JT.Money Says:


  24. Anonymous Says:

    Have a baebe by me baeby be a mili!!!!!

  25. K Says:

    thaz wuz hott…i guess

  26. Zee Says:

    $he should make a nude video $$ (another good boo boo tv pick)

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I wud eat her p***y

  28. :::Dani Luv::: Says:

    Dis b***h is da shiiit:::I heard she got luv fo da ladies to:::

  29. :::Dani Luv::: Says:

    Baby I’ll murder dat fat a*s p***y

  30. MIKE Says:

    wipe tha a*s down like boosey baaaby

  31. Kiyosha ~on da real~ Says:

    Ain’t nuttin but anotha big booty video ho. NEXT!

  32. lil¤murk Says:

    sexy as f**k

  33. ohio Says:


  34. Certified_Fli Gye Says:

    lookin rite dem boots fiya

  35. AGE WONDER Says:

    wat up Yummy! lookin good

  36. glaze Says:

    She aight…

  37. Rikers Says:

    vixens …smh

  38. "DrEvIL" Says:

    gud pic 50

  39. -//MR LIKEWISE JONES//- Says:

    GOT daYUMMM!!

  40. Greg soles Says:

    Fine as hell

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