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The Hidden Secrets of The Dollar Bill “The New World Order” & Pictures of Former Presidents Dressed in Red KKK Garb


Big Bad 40 is letting you know all the things they don’t want you to.

This time its the hidden symbols of the almighty dollar bill and exposing the Columbia’s Secret Society that has been operating inside of the USA since day 1 of our founding. Explains all the Columbia’s in our society: Columbia University, Columbia Pictures, CBS (Columbia Broadcasting Systems), and of course our capital being inside of a district that hangs in a limbo known as The District of Columbia.

Then get ready for the end where the narrator really blows open the doors on our society, exposing all of the former living US Presidents dressed in Red KKK style garb.

Say thanks to <a href=””>@40Glocc</a> aka Big Bad 40 for opening all of our eyes to this one.

That is unless you live under the idea that ignorance is bliss.

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7 Responses to “The Hidden Secrets of The Dollar Bill “The New World Order” & Pictures of Former Presidents Dressed in Red KKK Garb”

  1. Pat Bateman Says:

    Ok…where are the pictures of the Presidents dressed as Clansmen? You have pictures of the living US Presidents dressed as Clansmen, right? Ok, show them. I saw grainy footage of nothing. Could’ve been old film footage. I also saw one of thousands of interpretations of the meaning behind the dollar bill. Everyone’s a conspiracy theorist with nothing factual to back it up. Not to say there isn’t truth to many theories out there. These secrets & societies are some of the most tightly kept secrets in the world, but Big Bad 40 figured it out–thank God!

  2. t walker Says:

    just look up “bohemian grove & george bush” on google or youtube. the pics are there as well. they been released to public. this is old news but still is shocking and true.AMERICA WAKE THE F**K UP! OBAMA IS AN IMMIGRANT WHOS REAL NAME IS BARRY SOETORO! THESE ARE FACTS! LOOK IT UP!

  3. t walker Says:


  4. pimpin tax Says:

    well well they thing they know all but there is sum they over looked
    moloch is getting weaker every day
    and ausar is on his way

    now that bis sum deep s**t

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i think 2012 is real why in the f**k would they let a black man in charge of the us, soon as people heard a black man was running they he gonna kiss the us, but if the world is going to s**t anyway why not let thwm think there doing something. and im black no job from the hood but this how i see it

  6. mrconnection Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Big Bad 40 this old news… but im glad you on that real s**t now a dayzzz bcuz this that true knowledge wisdom understanding… look up Lindsey williams “The Elite Speak”

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