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Mayor Bloomber Breaks Records Spending $109,000,000 on Campaign (11x More Than His Opponent)


You know Big Bad 40 knows all about the corruption and the secret doings of the government, business, and the world. He’s got to with all these crooked institutions coming at him.

So every day Big Bad 40 and BooBooTV are going to be doing our best to get you in on the know and what’s really going on, with some of these videos being discovered by the man himself.

In this video we’ve got Mayor Bloomberg buying his way back into being in control of arguably the most influential powerful city in the world, spending $109,000,000 on his campaign compared to his opponents $9,000,000; and he still only beat him by a margin of %5.

So what do you think? You give the opponent another $20,000,000 and could he of came out on top?

Oh yeah, by the way Bloomberg is still paying off his debts.

You know what it is… A Modern Day Aristocracy Being Run By The Illuminati

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