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Last Moments of Raul Moat the British Cop Killer

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The last moments of the British murderer Raul Moat before he took his own life.

7 Responses to “Last Moments of Raul Moat the British Cop Killer”

  1. Dutch Says:

    Why try to save him? Shotgun? He’s done.

  2. Tulsa Says:

    How can he be a cop killer ?? when the piliceman he shot, suffered life changeing injuries, and was “NOT” killed…..

  3. Tulsa Says:

    Chris brown the boyfreind of raul”s former girlfriend , who raul shot and killed, was a estate agent, not a policeman, his former girlfriend said chris brown was a policeman, even though he was not, for reasons unknown, so before you start “SHOUTING” cop killer get your facts right……

  4. Pally Says:

    Right. He’s not a cop killer. Just an attempted cop killer. He fucked it up , though. Just like he repeatedly fucked up his own life and the lives of all those around him. Oh, yeah, he was also a woman beater, a child abuser and a rapist – oh, and a coward who took his own life rather than face up to the consequences of his crimes like a real man would have.

  5. Tulsa Says:

    Yes pally your %100 right in everythink you said…
    The point i was making is, “Facts” must be correct before written / posted..
    And the facts are as you rightly left above, “NOT” brittish cop killer.. so distorted factsl on a half hearted link, with no facts “At All” just brittish cop killer, and by the way he diddnt take his own life, he was shot with a taiser gun, which resulted in raul having muscle spasams and resulting in raul pulling the trigger…..

  6. marcio Says:

    u bunch of hoopers im the cop killer

  7. Anonymous Says:

    dont give a s**t he’s in hell where the litte fucker belongs, murdering wife beating, child abuser and a total p***y if u ask me, should have let his victims kill him and watch him die slow, utter scum

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