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Cherokee D’A*s Doing What She Does Best


Cherokee D’A*s enough said

13 Responses to “Cherokee D’A*s Doing What She Does Best”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i think im in love

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’m in Love too

  3. Anonymous Says:

    b***h got some celulite!!!

  4. Eric From Cleveland Says:

    LOVE HER LNG TME!!!!!!!!

  5. Mureithi Says:


  6. big stew Says:

    still the best

  7. Ed Says:

    Cherokee hasthe best Body.

  8. Kahn Says:

    She has more celulite as my Mother……

  9. yhy Says:

    i love you bebe

  10. Says:

    i wonder what her s**t tastes like?

  11. ed Says:

    She has a perfekt body.She is not fat.

    There is no Celulite.

    Sexy Sexy Sexy

  12. lance Says:

    Chereokee….. damn girl you reason why i love big a*s booty!

  13. laquan Says:

    hi how u sexy

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