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FAIL: Rich Guy in Range Rover Beat by 1 Inch of Mud

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I thought Range Rover’s slogan was something about taking you to the edge of the world… Well I just hope you don’t run into any rain on the way there… Fail

Check out the old school SUV’s driving like its nothing.

3 Responses to “FAIL: Rich Guy in Range Rover Beat by 1 Inch of Mud”

  1. josh Says:

    what the f*****k?thats a lot of money for that pice of s h i t!!i not getting that crap

  2. Joe Says:

    That car is not a piece of s**t you fucking retard.

    The fail here isn’t the Rover, it’s the tires. Those things are luxury SUV’s not offroaders, and while they have offroad capabilities you need the right tires. Put some fucking slicks on a Hummer H1 see how good it does on that mud…

  3. Land Rover atrapado en el barro... Says:

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