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Fan Tries to Rush 50 Cent Concert & Gets Whooped


When are these fans going to learn…getting on stage with Fifty is not a good idea…

8 Responses to “Fan Tries to Rush 50 Cent Concert & Gets Whooped”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    f**k 50 this n***a n gunit r irrelevant

  2. BigRod Williams Says:

    Get off 50 cent d**k I see you ain’t put yo real name on this motherfucka cause you p***y. Shouts out to 50 Cent do yo thang.

  3. BigRod Williams Says:

    This is my facebook page name too BigRod Williams I let myself be known cause im real like that Anonymous you a gay p***y n***a

  4. trannygurl pretty feet Says:

    any1 wana lick my feet

  5. Dutch Says:

    Anonymous is a damn f**k boy anyway. Probably got a d**k in the mouth. If 50 is irrelevant then why are you on his website?

  6. RoFromSouthHouston Says:

    Yall Boyz Are Crazy Say Dutch That’s True Tho Why U Gonna Be Talkin Bout A N***a When U On A N***a Website

  7. Danny Chow Says:

    Notice how 50 doesnt whoops him.. Its the 5 big guys !!!

    Have you all seen that interview where “he talk about doing it himself”.. I repeat, he says, he would do the whooping himself”.. Now it happens.. He doesnt follow through.. ( someone help put with the links)

    Most Brazillians can aim / punch up good. Its a away of life. Not like talking it up..

    Dont get me wrong, while doing a show hes supposed to have body guards.. But its easy to talk it up when ya got 5 massive guys doing the whooping for ya.. He woulda got cred if he, got it in him, too try to take the guy himself.. And made a better show action show.. And he woulda back up what he has said..

    But he didnt, he point at the guy and cussed if that counts.. Respect to his weight loss for the new movie though..

    my name and email is there

  8. VannoDatNiggaEvans Says:

    50 and G-unit r da hardest on da scene if ya ask me…dey may hav slowed down from how dey used 2 drop hits continuously but wen dey do release dey stuff,its banging all ova!!! i love deez niggaz (no h**o) real niggaz

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