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FAIL: Two Brothers Jump on Khaled’s “Go Hard” (Hot or NOT?)


These kids aren’t playing flowing over Khaled’s “Go Hard,” with lines like I’m going to make your rap look like poo

13 Responses to “FAIL: Two Brothers Jump on Khaled’s “Go Hard” (Hot or NOT?)”

  1. BigPop Says:

    Actually, Khaled, Fat Joe, and whoever else isn’t black shouldn’t be saying those words either…… lets put them on blast too BooBootv

  2. Anonymous Says:

    LOL! stupid wiggaz!

  3. rudeboi Says: posed 2b rhyming flowing etc not talking lmao..f**k they said n***a thats any1 who a ignorant person

  4. josh Says:

    ah these kids are throwing up peckerwood,f u c king lame f*****k s

  5. Dutch Says:

    I could actually slap both their faces with one swipe. They need to get smacked like that boy on the video from the other day did.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    fuk niggaz,

  7. Anonymous Says:

    hottest white boys out

  8. Cypha Says:

    2 wack white boys = 1 lil B

  9. Anonymous Says:


  10. Anonymous Says:

    what tha f**k….they makin dis rap s**t a joke…an da crazy thing is dey really think dey hard.. 1 dey dont live dat life an 2 if dey got put n dat life dey b scared white…niggaz need 2 turn it up on dem whites boys sayin n***a n s**t who da f**k dey think dey is…is dey wonna rap dat life 2 all my real niggaz out dare put dez f**k boys threw dat s**t……….

  11. Jack Says:

    that was so good! Im very impressed.

  12. Miguel Says:


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Andy milonakis!!!!!

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