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“Angels” Jin (freestyle)

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Coming with a new freestyle checkout Jin in his freestlye of the

7 Responses to ““Angels” Jin (freestyle)”

  1. C.J. Says:

    he did the damn thing on that track, nice video to

  2. GHOST Says:

    Yeah he did the one thing rappers are scared to do and actually pulled it off.

  3. J Aims Says:

    what are most rappers afraid to do??

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    serious jones f**k this guy

  6. jin is top five dead or alive Says:

    serious jones is everything but serious he isn’t anything jin killed him in the battles, just bull s**t i guess battlings like boxing now FIXED.

  7. NInjaNoise Says:

    damn your a depressed a*s chinese n***a, damn at least rapp about being a triad or yakuza or somethin or how your the real kim jong aka bruce lee. Didnt Jin make that song about White Rice?

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