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“The Pretty B***h is Back” Lil B

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Lil B in his video for “The Pretty B***h is Back” with cameos made by Andy Milonakis.

8 Responses to ““The Pretty B***h is Back” Lil B”

  1. kenah jones Says:

    that was dopeeeee

  2. Anonymous Says:

    wow!!!!! he really sucks !!!!!! how is he sign…….it’s so sad..he’s trash.

  3. ter Says:

    Pull the pants up..He looks gay…Who would listen to this nursery rhym

  4. Lil Nico Says:

    Can somebody Knock dis wack rapping wannabe lil soldier boy out, the best video dis dude got out is of him getting knocked da fcuk out. u wack son shoot ya self.

  5. yh63 Says:

    he a problem

  6. young caspar Says:

    pretty bicth go ham

  7. Leo Says:

    he horrible…… he a soja boy wanna be

  8. A.D Says:

    Bra Lil B is Dat N***a,, Hatin On Da BAsed God F**k Yu Ad Yur Family…

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