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Behind The Music: J-Lo

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Find out more about the most famous booty of all time, J-Lo

2 Responses to “Behind The Music: J-Lo”

  1. incognito Says:

    Oh please! JHO’s booty wasn’t even big! I mean come on now, Janet’s a*s is waaaaay bigger and she’s called fat. Not to mention, Kim Kardashian makes her a*s look like an old lady’s. Oh yeah, she is a washed up old lady 🙂

  2. truth Says:

    @ comment #1, she’s bigger than you though right ? you’re just sitting at your cpu hating on others who are doing better than you . & its called ageing . she’s getting older and had twins . at least she’s not out here getting surgeries done and such to make her look like shes getting younger being that she’s not . when that happens, then yes, you just might have a reason to talk about her . can people just live their lives without unnecessary judgement ?!

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