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“Sponsor – freestyle” Keys (Shots Fired at Teairra Marie?)


Keys is taking shots at Teairra Marie, following the ones let off at Nicki Minaj.

What do you think, does Teairra have anything to worry about?

5 Responses to ““Sponsor – freestyle” Keys (Shots Fired at Teairra Marie?)”

  1. ito Says:

    cough cough ” nickii wanna beeeeeeeee

  2. DiamondJ Says:

    i agree with the above comment. She just hatin cuz she dont have star status like Nicki Minaj and Tiarra marie and want attention. LAME

  3. B'More Says:

    Keys do your thing! The thing about it she don’t care about being up there with nicki or tiarra she is just doing her. She is so BALTIMORE!!!

  4. mi$ta Says:

    dis b***h a hater._. ha fat a*s!!! she rite, she dnt need sponsor she need jenny creig…bt i an’t neva heard of dat b***h.. $c wat it do!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    yo i like dis chick n fuk all u nickie minaj fans da b***h is wack wit dis barbie bull s**t

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