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October 19, 2017


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October 19, 2017

Ten Years For Teacher Having S*x With Teens

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A Florida teacher was sentenced to 10 years in jail and 15 years of probation for having s*x with multiple teens, even after her first arrest.

6 Responses to “Ten Years For Teacher Having S*x With Teens”

  1. d. Says:

    shiiii-wish i had her in my past class-….bullshit even tha judge wants to smoke her-she ain t a danger -it s fuckin dammit.i’m playing but shiiii-where she waassss lol-10 year-guess we all kno who’s gonna visit her in the joint.

  2. Dro Says:

    DAMN, she got served. At 1st I thought 10 yrs was too much but when u think about it, if this was a man he woulda got 20 yrs. So it is what it is

  3. Anonymous Says:

    she did those boys a favor the kid wuz havin a hard time at home so she gave him sum head, shoot i wish i cud get sum head every time i have a bad day neva have a bad day again

  4. Anonymous Says:

    who ever snitched on that milf …was a gay a*s n***a

  5. michael rivas Says:

    good fo da judge, she got wat she deserved…these are kids, and she’s fuckin them..and all you assholes who think that she doesnt deserve that, obviously your either pediphiles, kids, or assholes who dont have kids, lil sisters, nephews, or cousins that you love…that b***h is to teach, but she too busy tryin to get bootycalls, wtf? it a dude did that everyone would say he deserve life..she lucky she to 10 yr, and 15 yr probation….she shouldnt have taken her freedom for granted!!

  6. snake187om Says:

    yeah they’r right to give her this penalty and for me they’v could of give her alot more, she is a abuser and if this was a man everybody would agree with me. yes if i was a young dude and everything was cool in my life maybe i would of liked it, but hell its still child abuse. maybe she has aids or whatver and all these kids are fucked for the rest of their live’s either way she did a very bad thing and she has to pay period…

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