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G-Unity Foundation Sponsored “Forever Young Day”


50 wanted to get out and get active with everyone from where he calls home, so in association with his foundation G-Unity he sponsored the second annual Baisley Projects Family Day

2 Responses to “G-Unity Foundation Sponsored “Forever Young Day””

  1. Tiki Says:

    That was super cool what you did for the people in your old neighborhood. That was really nice and it looked like everybody just had a ball! You do alot of giving back in general and that is so wonderful. Stay blessed and keep doing great and positive things.

  2. Avenue G. Says:

    ” I was in some legal problem s**t, and ‘you know I aint have the money to go to that s**t.'” I would’ve tried to get “Jim Brown to come if I was able.” I know he be into that kind of s**t! “South Jamaica.”

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