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BooBooTV Exclusive: 40 Glocc & The 50 Yr Old Groupie


40 Glocc getting this 35 50 year old groupie heated after catching her just where she shouldn’t be.

4 Responses to “BooBooTV Exclusive: 40 Glocc & The 50 Yr Old Groupie”

  1. L.F.C Says:

    hahaha funny this!!

  2. Me Says:

    Wow – I am seeing 40 in a different light and it’s not attractive. He never used to treat females like that – regardless of her improper appearance. I am actually quite disappointed in his behavior toward her. Lately, I felt like I was seeing him progress into a pretty upstanding businessman, but after watching that video I am extremely surprised and possibly in somewhat disbelief that he could treat someone so unkindly. For the most part, I always knew him to be very humble toward fans, whether an overly zealous fan or otherwise. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that he would be so unpleasant towards another person based upon his or her personal appearance, attribute, or characteristic. In fact, he ability to accept people without placing judgment upon anyone was what I always thought separated him from the rest. It really saddens me to have watched that video.

  3. Ferny B Says:


    they’re jus fuckin w/ her… lol… she frontin… haha
    Colored boys, hahaha….

  4. L.F.C Says:

    @ ferny B yeh it was that coloured boys remark got me laffin haha.

    @the other dude “mE” whats the matter do you have a mangina or sumfink.

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