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The World Toilet Crisis (Documentary)


Over 2.6 Billion people don’t have toilets… this documentary explores the negatives of this

5 Responses to “The World Toilet Crisis (Documentary)”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. sweetdookie Says:

    whats crazy..I was takin a s**t while watchin this

  3. earth Says:

    As Americans we should all be thankful and take advantage of free education and our sewer system….Stop complaining people we are the richest country in the world. Its time to do something to save the world!!!!!!!!

  4. me Says:

    you are wat??? cmon america is one of the poorest land in the world … half of your industry isnt yours. america get so much money from the arabs and the chinese u cant imagine. most of ya dont have money to send their kids to a doctor cmon get ur mind right dude

  5. Chicago Gives a Sh*t | How To Make It In Chicago Says:

    […] And finally, if you're really interested in learning about how interest in this topic has developed and evolved, check out this eye opening and compelling documentary: The World Toilet Crisis […]

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