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Tekashi69 – Gummo

October 21, 2017


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October 20, 2017


Belly – Man Listen

October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017


Fresh Ft. Nyce Da Future – Light It Up

October 18, 2017

Beanie Sigel Says He’ll Slap Drake & Saying Juelz is Real (Waiting on Response)


Beanie telling the truth on being stuck in jail, Jay not vouching for him, Juelz supporting him, and that he’ll slap the s*** out of Drake

20 Responses to “Beanie Sigel Says He’ll Slap Drake & Saying Juelz is Real (Waiting on Response)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    he scary

  2. Anonymous Says:

    and his teeth yellow as f**k…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    he some bum

  4. Anonymous Says:

    and theres a video of him of youtube where some n***a spittin a freestyle and this f*g keeps tryna kiss the n***a rappin in the vid go check it out its like “proof beanie seagle is gay” or something like that…

  5. BOO BOo Says:

    Bum a*s dude get a JOB !!

  6. Springa Says:

    he the truth

  7. .45Acp Says:

    Sounds a lil sour from being in jail? Hey news flash Beans, jail its not suppose to be fun. You wanna bang out in them streets be ready menatlly and pyshical for what jail has to offer. Yea, that does blow that no one came and posted bail. Just a def answear that the “roc” aint your niggas!

  8. Columbus J Says:

    Beans=Real Street Hop. I’m a fan of Jay music too but you s**t on a street n***a, its gon come back on you. Problem is, 50 is a street n***a wit just as much bread as these Grey Poupon A*s Niggas so get ready for Closure. That is if you a real fan of this s**t. If you a Drake type fan, type that call everybody a hater because you dont have much vocabulary, then the realness will miss you anyway.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    this n***a is sorry

  10. Anonymous Says:

    all yall who left comment talking s**t about beans are some fucking p***y he will beat the s**t out you bicth niggas drake and jay z are sum fucking fags

  11. Anonymous Says:

    drake and jay are sum corn ball niggas like yall

  12. yunny Says:

    Sad, I used to like beans but he acting like niggas owe him. Isnt he grown man? He needs to stop blaming Jay-Z for his own stupid a*s mistakes. His attack on Drake makes him look like a jealous woman.

  13. WWHAT!! Says:

    to yall niggaz callin this man a bum. this dude will beat you bloody, get locked for it, get out, and do it again!!!………… yall feel some type of way say it to that mans face……………….

  14. younggun Says:

    that’s wzup. fucc drake p***y a*s

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Internet thuggin!

  16. Co-Kain Says:

    Man f**k all these rap n***a

  17. Stew Says:

    Maybe if you made it to games studio earlier you coulda found drake. Get the f**k outta here Beans the “I go off” with 50 was good now your rappin with The Game AND RICKY ROZAY AKA OFFICER RICKY AKA WILLOW……LAME!!!

  18. Ox Says:

    sooooo…….whats the point of him slappin drake? lol……….what is that goin to accomplish lol

  19. BURN Says:

    f**k all yall talking s**t aba ma n***a beans wat the f*** yall bitches no aba da streets…huh
    a real n***a sticks out for his hommie.dats y i luv fif, jay & drake are fags
    f**k dem

  20. Bryan Says:

    Doesn’t he know that all that gangster I’m gonna pop off stuff just isn’t hot any more? Not to mention that what got his dumb a*s in jail in the first place. And to all you he think he is “gonna beat my a*s” bring it look at his fat out of shape a*s, he’d get tired just lifting his arm. Beans is done.

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