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$1,000,000,000 Spent on G-20 Summit Security

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That’s right 1 BILLION DOLLARS is being spent on security for a G-20 summit hosted in Canada where representatives for the 20 major economies will be convening this week, including numerous presidents, such as Barack Obama

3 Responses to “$1,000,000,000 Spent on G-20 Summit Security”

  1. ok Says:

    good time to do a robbery in canada next g8 summit hit about 20 banks and jewelery stores at the same time

  2. Cold Mu phuka Says:

    the depopulation of the world from 6 billion plus to 200 million is whats being discussed…alot of people is about to die…next 2 yrs…believe it

  3. Anonymous Says:

    why not spend half that on the people ??

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