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Rosie B for 50’s Most Wanted x BooBooTV [EXCLUSIVE]


There’s @Only1RosieB and she’s here for 50’s Most Wanted and BooBooTV.

23 Responses to “Rosie B for 50’s Most Wanted x BooBooTV [EXCLUSIVE]”

  1. edj Says:

    damn that bike is hot! shorty’s a*s is iight! 2 it’s smashable ! but shorty’s face look down syndrome type? I don’t know? lol

  2. Dee Says:

    Just did a Photo Shoot for Rosie B and let me tell her body looks even better in Person… Check my Twitter Default @Mr_IceBoxStudio

  3. Mike S Says:

    Gross she is nasty!! Her face looks like it got beat with a bat!

  4. gil Says:

    loooks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jj Says:

    Dayummmm she thick as hell with gorgeous eyes

  6. jess Says:

    Some these niggas fu*king crazy!! u fine!! do yo thing shawty yuummmm

  7. Robb Says:

    Shortie is Bad!!! That a*s is right! Umm I love a thick a*s white girl.

  8. London Says:

    Awe Rosie is soo pretty…i just met her in Miami memorial weekend and she is bad!!! #teamnophotoshop for her and a sweetheart

  9. Xa Says:

    BBD said don’t trust a big butt and a smile…but I’d taste that poison ANY day!!! and she is so real too always a plus

  10. Earron West Says:

    Beautiful…Great shoot…I would love to work with you some day…HOT!!!

  11. Ren Fetti Says:


  12. Alex Says:

    I can not wait to have those photos, you’re a beautiful woman, from head to toe

  13. BG Says:

    I wanna ROCK WITH YOU cause Im a SMOOTH CRIMINAL. And you know Im BAD, Its part of my HUMAN NATURE, cause I JUST CANT STOP LOVIN YOU! U WANNA BE STARTING SOMETHING? Cause THE GIRL IS MINE, so you need to BEAT IT, and get urself OFF THE WALL and away from my P.Y.T., aka, THE LADY IN MY LIFE, or I will be forced to in……troduce you to THE MAN IN THE MIRROR- because I CANT HELP IT!

  14. AB Says:

    DAMN!!!!! Looking Good Rosie

  15. Chris Sparks Says:

    This ladie Rosie is looking gorgeous!!!!!! Would love to see more pics of her!!!!

  16. Geo32 Says:

    Looking good 🙂 Hawt

  17. money Says:

    i see you over there ms lady killing the game

  18. James Says:

    Damn She is a baddie with a Phat A*s, Nice Body, and Cute face… 5 Star Chick

  19. Reddo Says:

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (mouth open dribblin on my leg) u FINE as Hell hunni

  20. silk Says:


  21. fred Says:

    rosie, your hot cant wait to see more great work

  22. Eric From Cleveland Says:

    I love the down syndrome comment but shorty body bad I don’t ‘care about her face

  23. Cmpbol Says:

    Her lipo and butt job money should have been spent wiser. Nose job comes first. That beak of hers and those fat arms guarantee single status for this one. She better hope she doesnt get knocked up or its over for shorty, shell never bounce back.

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