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Kat Stacks Wasted (Fighting Hot Wings?)


Kat stacks ( @IHateKatStacks ) had a rough night out at the club with Hot Wings ( @kamilleleai ).

Honestly when doesn’t Kat Stacks have a rough night, whether its working for that $40 dollars, getting slapped on, or just being real pissed off, when have you seen Kat Stacks and she was doing goood?

5 Responses to “Kat Stacks Wasted (Fighting Hot Wings?)”

  1. da_realest Says:

    this ain’t even worth posting, chick is a*s

  2. Dutch Says:

    WTF!!? Just another scuzz bucket.

  3. shaun Says:

    that lil b***h hotwingz aint fight kat that night…i was there…slim was just drunk as s**t ans was falling all overthe floor….i hate the hype….

  4. The Desolate Oneh Says:

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  5. f**k kate stacks Says:

    can anyone please kill that piece of s**t

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