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“Stuntin” Derty Den (ft. Shelly B)


Time to learn how Derty Den and Shelly B stunt

6 Responses to ““Stuntin” Derty Den (ft. Shelly B)”

  1. Drummer Boy Says:

    this is sick!

  2. NYSHORTY69 Says:

    Damn yall doin it. I heard of dat girl Shelly B. Definetly the hottest female I heard spit in life. The world need to open they eyes. Dat b***h is bad. The big dude got a lot of swag too. Much love to the Carolina’s.

  3. Tommyguns Says:

    WOW. Dis is craaaaaazzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy. Where they find dat girl at, Shes amazing. I googled her and her resume long as the bible.


    shelly b is on top of the world………… anything she doin an does..werd!!!

  5. TwinShotz Says:

    This video bang hard. Shelly B rep hard for the Carolinas. Derty Den also go hard in the Cak. Y’all need to peek the movement down here!

    Real recognize real.

  6. Moody Says:

    Shelly B is that chick. The hottest female in the game today hands down. Nicki Minaj, Trina, and all them other chicks need to pay close attention.

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