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Shawty Lo Proposal to his Girlfriend


At a roof top birthday party he threw for his girlfriend Shawty Lo proposed to his girlfriend. Here’s the footage.

5 Responses to “Shawty Lo Proposal to his Girlfriend”

  1. Dutch Says:

    Ole cup cake a*s n***a. Making all those songs when T.I. was out but when he went away he didn’t make sh*t. Lookin’ like an old a*s wino.

  2. rok7250 Says:

    shawty lo cryin looo

  3. Anonymous Says:

    his girl look like tiny t.i wife what hell!!!!! shawty lo wants to be t.i so much he even gets a girl that looks like tiny lmao

  4. cali boi Says:

    she don’t look like no damn tiny n***a yo old blind a*s need glasses. but damn i wish they would of should her a*s in that outfit she look good to me.

  5. bigwoo Says:

    wanna b tip so bad

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