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NAACP Claims Hallmark Card says “Black Wh***s”

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Hallmark claims a space themed graduation card is racist and says “Black Whores” and not “Black Holes,” they also reference when the card says “Watch Your Back” at the end of the clip.

So is the NAACP making problems where there aren’t any? Or is Hallmark really being racist?

4 Responses to “NAACP Claims Hallmark Card says “Black Wh***s””

  1. Dutch Says:

    LMAO! Leave it to some dumb a*s people with lots of time on their hands to hear something crazy like that. You can hear anything you want to hear.

  2. Joe Says:

    lol are you serious? thats a little too much

  3. Matt Says:

    i think thats taking racism to the extreme. NAACP is reverse racism

  4. black holes Says:

    lmaoo its blantly obvious that it says black holes these people need hearing aids

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