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17 yr. Old Jaywalker Punched in Face

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A 17 yr. old was stopped for jay walking and when the encounter with the officer became confrontational her and her friend began pushing the officer. His response, a punch to the face.

What do you think? Was he right or wrong?

7 Responses to “17 yr. Old Jaywalker Punched in Face”

  1. cg Says:

    They resisted arrest and were fighting against the officer, so they are at fault. They have no respect for the law and thought they could gang up on him and brush him of. No one can do this and get away with it. But…

    I can’t help stepping back and saying that they were jaywalking. The purpose of jaywalking laws are, in part, to protect the pedestrian from being harmed. But one of them gets punched in the face! So then you have the police saying, “don’t do anything that could harm yourself, or I will harm you”.

  2. Co-Kain Says:

    Man thats a 7teen year old girl if a panrent punch there kid in the face it’s child abuse it ain’t like she swung on him or nothin he just walk up and hit her in her s**t

  3. ? Says:

    if ur white u get by with anything!the black race never sticks 2gather!all of them there should have cooked dat pig 2 bacon!

  4. lopez909 Says:

    dumb n.g.g.e.r b***h…

  5. Big Mike Says:

    That b*tch was as big as a man. If you a female and you draw back and hit a man like a man you deserve to get ya a** whooped like a man

  6. Dead dread Says:

    ahahahaha that made my dad, by the way people if you assault an officer they are allowed to shoot you non lethally, so don’t do dumb s**t around or TO cops

  7. HEFFAY187 Says:

    i bet yu if it was a blacc cop who punch sum white girl, he wuld ov lost his job and get sued…..smh

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