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Eminem Talks Drug Addiction & Near Death Experience

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Eminem  is not afraid in this interview, opening up about his personal struggles and near death experiences.

3 Responses to “Eminem Talks Drug Addiction & Near Death Experience”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Him admitting to everything and deciding to get help shows that he’s a real man and he’s not weak. Someone who would’ve just let it take their life is weak. I respect Marshall a lot… and for him to come back with ‘Relapse’ & ‘Recovery’ is amazing. Most people who go through what he went through… don’t really live their life anymore… they just kind of live depressed…

    I can relate to Marshall in a way because I lost my best friend too… she was going to be my wife… Though I have never done any drugs or anything… I definitely know how it feels to lose a best friend, and to see how Em has bounced back with ‘Recovery’ shows how much heart and passion he has. He is an inspiration in many ways.

    God bless.

  2. PudgeBeats Says:

    Proud of Eminem to the fullest. DMX could get back to positivity just like him, even if its hard as hell. I say that because I believe in DMX. What Em did in the interview is out of true human spirit. Applause!!!!

  3. DaMan Says:

    Overcoming drug addiction is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot to admit that you have a problem and be willing to take the steps to get better. Props.

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