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Acapella Freestyle Drake (TimWestwoodTV)


On the Tim Westwood show Drake goes acapella

8 Responses to “Acapella Freestyle Drake (TimWestwoodTV)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    terrible.just a song writter

  2. Anonymous Says:

    now ya all kno that somebody writing his s**t just like weezy s**t young money wake a*s f**k

  3. Anonymous Says:

    bring real hip hop back god dammit where the f**k is new york at

  4. Anonymous Says:

    all I hear is ink ink ink ink

  5. chris Says:

    That’s what you sound like when you dont pay your dues.He is Garbage

  6. Cartoosh Says:

    You can tell his a*s memorized that ish a few nights ago after getting the email from the ghost writer.

  7. toronto thuggy thug Says:

    thats some wack s**t n***a i’m a T.O. n***a and u a punk my n***a a puppet in hiphop

  8. Anonymous Says:

    learn the art of freestyle b***h

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