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WTF: Jersey Shore Producers Hand Out Valtrex Like Candy

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I don’t think anyone is surprised to hear that STD’s are a problem faced brought on by the cast of Jersey Shore, but what is surprising is just how big of a problem STD’s, primarily Herpes have become.

Dr. Drew, of Celebrity Rehab calls it a Herpes Incubator and producers of the show have been handing out Valtrex to the cast to combat the growing problem of Herpes.

5 Responses to “WTF: Jersey Shore Producers Hand Out Valtrex Like Candy”

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  2. zavon Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Its a shame people talking about the virus and the medication do not even know anything about it … educate yourselves before making an a*s outta yourself. Herpes is spread from skin to skin contact that means even if you have a condom on you can still get it. Also, its not part of the routine STD someone may say they are “Clean” but in hindsite they did not realize they werent tested for herpes since you NEED to ask for it to be tested for it. An estimated 90% of infected people do not know they have it.. that is 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men

  4. lopez909 Says:

    pauly shore should have a gang bang with these hoes even the old b***h..

  5. jerseyshoreisghey Says:

    LOL, they are passing out Valtrex to prevent Herpes…WRONG, If I had a chance to sleep with any of the chics on Jersey shore, knowing they were taking Valtrex, I would walk away. That is just plain nasty and if people watch this and think they cannot get herpes by taking Valtrex, Let them take valtrex and screw any Herpes ridden chic or dude.

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