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Big Boi – Get Wit It ft. Snoop Dogg

July 18, 2017


Danny Brown – Lost

July 18, 2017

Obama Wants to Know “Whose A*s to Kick” (BP Oil)

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President Obama shows his anger over the BP oil spill and expresses it with strong language.

7 Responses to “Obama Wants to Know “Whose A*s to Kick” (BP Oil)”

  1. anthony Says:

    well do something, you just talk and don’t do s**t.

  2. R.A.S Says:

    it’s just not talk he is doing something but bp got to step up

  3. Mr.DaRealest Says:

    He’s doing more than what any of us are doing, so you can’t say s**t about what he’s doing. Why don’t you donate some money or time to helping out with the situation before you speak on his efforts. He’s just one person with the same brain as all of us. He just has more power.

  4. Smoove Says:

    hell he can only do what he can, he can’t go and scoop up all the damn oil himself, people responsible for it and people getting paid to take care of it need to do their jobs

  5. RodMar Says:

    Obama You Suck Your one of them. I don’t see you going against the Federal Reserve Or the crap New World Order. I thought you were gonna stand up like JFK. You wretched swine of a human being

  6. wavy Says:

    wtf do u want him to doo?? stuck in head in d derrr???????..dt man is doing everything in his power to stop dt leak…if dts not enuff for you den go stuff ur D**K DERR…

  7. josh Says:

    he ai’nt doing s**t he just talking trash, accident happens. obama have the power to do something . ican’t believe people are defending this man. you guys are ajor idiots stop being blind.

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