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“Like a Martian” Lil’ B


Soulja Boy’s artist Lil’ B’s music video for “Like a Martian”

23 Responses to ““Like a Martian” Lil’ B”

  1. D Says:

    n***a you running your mouth like a b***h… real n***a dnt do that

  2. black rasta Says:

    u should of said that s**t when dat n***a fucked up ya lip

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i see why that dude split yo s**t. Green a*s n***a!

  4. wtf Says:

    WTF!!! bring the guy who knock this n***a out yo

  5. john Says:

    da guy who knock his n***a out where’s he wen u need him?? real talk

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Why do he keep calling his self a b***h? Whoo

  7. wow Says:

    i thought waka was garbage

  8. SickToMyStomach Says:

    How the f**k does anyone enjoy listening to this garbage? I hate to pull the Pac card, but if he was still here, these violators would never have made it this far. All the truly talented rappers are swept aside to make way for kids who sound like they can’t even read, let alone write…and the producers…don’t even get me started…I could make better beats slapping my d**k on a casio…God Save The Mainstream…

  9. Anonymous Says:


  10. ricc Says:

    lolzzzzzzzzz thiz n***a iz a b***h 4 this this s**t is dum funny lolzzzzz oh s**t aww man he said he was a pretty b***h lol He tryna be like Gucci mane….If i see this n***a ima knocc his head off hiz necc myself

  11. Anonymous Says:

    why does he keep calling himself a b***h?? LOL

  12. JUNE Says:


  13. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know any “straight” men that would call them selves a “pretty b***h” but I know a REAL straight man wouldn’t.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    some body plz shot him my ears r bleeding

  15. Steven Says:

    Does this even count as rap…. can’t ride a flow, and says “b***h” just about every word.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    this could be the worst lyrics ive ever heard…and is he a pretty n***a???

  17. Anonymous Says:

    hes gotta be slow for real, this is like something dave chappelle would do fuckin around

  18. f.a.m Says:

    y yall hollin knowin tht he better that all yall sorry asses hahahahaha u stupid bitches \

  19. boogie stackz Says:

    this s**t raw az hell yall need to fuckin hatin

  20. Jassie Says:

    oh hell no niqqaz tlk s**t bhutt kant baqq tht s**t up for realz

    -a certified sinqlee bhaddie at champion!!!!!!

  21. da baddest raven alive Says:

    dis is mii mutha fucking song.. lol ima f**k yhur n***a hahah.. lmfao

  22. lil b Says:

    just mad cuz ima preety b***h unlike you niggas that n***a caught me off gaurd if we would squaded up i would had killed that n***a ya feel me

  23. lil b Says:

    anonymous you stupid mufuker if its trash then why you listenin to it in the first place ya feel me

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