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“Alejandro” Lady Gaga

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Another cryptic confusing video from everyone’s favorite eccentric pop singer.

4 Responses to ““Alejandro” Lady Gaga”

  1. d. Says:

    mmm….houston?…. we have a problemm…sssum martian in mmy windoow….(with a radio hit 😉 still everyone’s favorite eccentric pop singer tho. it s convict!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    wow mason right here

  3. Anonymous Says:

    woooow!, thats one wierd b***h, but i wud still fuk da s**t out of her tho!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    WoW This is b***h is ugly a*s f**k. S**t in the poker face video she looks pretty but now she look like a fucking train ran over her. Also why the f**k is video so fucking gay. I mean there ain’t nothing but gay guys all over this video. Anyways in my opinion this b***h just wants attention. Think about it why else would she put guys in Nazi uniforms. Also all the crosses in the video are upside down. This b***h just wants people to talk s**t about her. I bet she loves being in fox news.

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